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International Charitable organization “Roma women fund Chiricli”

The foundation was registered on 30th November 2004; The foundation has representatives in 15 regions of  Ukraine. The main office in Kiev with 7 full time staff, all of them went through  national and international training including  Council of Europe (CoE), UNICEF, European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) etc.

The staff members have participated in UN, CoE sessions, internation and national conferences, forums and other national and internation activities.  2 members of the staff  worked as consultants for ERRC and CoE. The staff members have wide experience in advocacy at a national level, as well as in the detailed management of complex projects.

Roma Women Fund "Chiricli» is a partner organization with the European Roma Rights Center (ERRC Budapest), CoE (Roma division, Strasbourg), International Organization of Migration ( Kiev), Ukrainian Jews Fund and Ukrainian Roma Council.

The main goals of the organization are:

  • Creating of good conditions for the saving of historical traditions and developing of Roma culture.
  • Improvement of social-economic and political position of Roma.
  • Combating racial and ethnic discrimination and intolerance.
  • Propaganda of brotherhood ideas and tolerance among different nations and religious confessions.
  • Protection of cultural, social, education and medical rights of Roma people.

During the last three years, the main priorities of fund were: education, health care and social issues; human rights. In 2009 our fund conducted the research «Roma Women Situation in Ukraine", the results of the research were included in to the shadow report for UNCEDAW

In 2010, "Right to vote for Roma people", in Odessa and West Ukraine (Zakarpatian region); "Improving of situation through the program of Roma health mediators in 5 regions of Ukraine" were implemented.

The fund successfully implemented more than 36 projects during the 7 years. These projects were directed to developing of Roma communities, motivation of Roma to take part in solving of Roma local problems, to build cooperation of NGOs with state bodies, access of Roma children to education, gender issues in the community, access to health care and medical rights, defending of Roma rights. The Fund has experience in administration of national and international programs.

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