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Achievements of the Fund

Since 2004 we trained more than 20 Roma leaders, helped to establish and coordinate seven NGOs dedicated to Roma and Roma-related issues and helped them to develop the programs on health, pre-school education, human rights as well as to organize conferences, educational workshops, trainings, press-conferences, round-table discussions, festivals, publications in media etc., to raise Roma issues on national and regional level, to  make their working results more visible and to change the situation of the Roma communities for better. Our organization was the First in Ukraine to raise the question of Roma women.

With the participation of CoE in Kiev it was held first conference “Roma women double discrimination”. As a result we started Roma women program in Ukraine. We raised the issues of Romani women on national and international level, created and supporting the Network of Romani women activists.

In 2009 in cooperation with the ERRC conducted research on Romani women situation in Ukraine. Based on the results, together with the ERRC special report on Romani women situation in Ukraine was prepared and submitted to CEDAW UN. The report was reviewed during the UN CEDAW session.

We raised the issue of Roma health in Ukraine on national level. Special meetings were conducted with the number of Ministries to show the real situation of Roma health and social problems.

On 27 November 2008 the Launching seminar on Roma health mediators was conducted in Kiev with the aim to introduce the program for the relevant Ministries and Roma NGOs.  The Romanian experts from Romani Criss were invited to present the program.  As a result the Declaration on the need of Romani health mediators in Ukraine was adopted and signed.

 In 2009 held the Informational Campaign ‘Dosta!” in Ukraine (supported by the Council of Europe), which included:  the Festival “Youth and Art against discrimination”; Drawing competition for schools, Media training for journalists to present the practice of reporting about incidents without stereotypes. Dissemination of the information about Roma on radio and TV, newspapers.  In 2010 the best Drawings were Exhibited in Strasbourg in the CoE main building and opened by the Secretary General of the CoE.

Based on the discussion’s results special recommendations were developed for the governmental bodies, ministries. As a result in 2005 Chiricli raised the question of the Parliament hearings on Roma issues. The Parliament Committee on National Minorities and Human Rights in cooperation with the Roma women charitable fund “Chiricli” prepared and held the Parliament Committee Hearings on Roma situation in Ukraine. Also based on Hearing discussions, recommendations of the independent experts and recommendations of the CoE, our organization together with the Parliament Committee developed the recommendations on Improving Roma situation in Ukraine for the period 2006—2010 that  was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministries.

 In 2006 in cooperation with the European Roma Rights centre organized Round table discussion on “Inclusion of Ukraine in to European Roma Decade”.

In 2009- held number of consultations and meeting for the Government, Roma NGOs and International organizations with the aim to develop and implement the Roma National Action Plan and to build better understanding of Roma problems and needs in the country.

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